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a.hartrodt group covers a wide range of transportation services and logistic related activities:
• Door to door all over the world logistic.
• Air and sea transportation to/from all over the world.
• Air and sea transportation- consolidated and container traffic.
• Air and sea transportation- managed and customs dispatch.
• Air and sea transportation- project managed and heavy machinery.
• Supply chain management (SCM).
• E-Commerce
• Transport insurance.



Warehousing and distribution

We combine all the services together: a contact, a transportation document, a transportation invoice The hartrodt group is the only responsible partner for all the transportation independently of the quantity of routes or the transportations methods involved. We create independent and complete chain services.

a.hartrodt has all the required facilities to bring the client a top world service:

• Worldwide representation.
• Trained personnel.
• Capacity of EID and telecommunication.
• A strategic system that transforms basic information into valued
  information for the client.

Due to all of the mentioned, a. hartrodt has received several prizes for its excellent formation methods.


Transport processes:

• Sea and air worldwide agent service.
• Sea and air worldwide consolidated agent service.
• Sea and air service for containers.
• Sea and air service for customs agent, storage, and packaging, insurance (sea and local transportation).
• Door to door sea and air service.
• Projects for sea and air services, including big industrial projects.
• Technical possibilities, fees, commerce conditions, etc from all the transporters, ports, airports,
  terminals, etc.
• Export and Import requirements including customs brokerage.
• Document requirement for all the parts involved shippers, transporters, ports, terminals,
  customs, etc.
• Legal Implications such as national transportation laws, international conventions, etc.
• Add value services such as storage, classification, tagging, distribution,
  internal transportation, and auxiliary documents.
• Auxiliary services.


Sea transportation

Conventional transportation or with containers the a.hartrodt Group and collaborators offer these services as an integral part of the client chain services.

• Regular departures with prestige shipping companies-
  consolidated services with weekly departures to more than 60
  places in the world.

• Direct services or with transfer, door to door import/ export services
  in relation to the needs of every client.


Air transportation

With a. hartrodt Group and associated offices in the main worldwide airports.

Accredited as IATA agent, a.hartrodt association also

offers an experimented service in this sector.

• With direct embark or via charter.
• Urgent required counterparts or heavy machinery with complex
• Airport to airport or door to door directed to its final destiny.

Based on a strategic alliance, a.hartrodt Group offers daily consolidated services to more than 80 destinies, mainly with A-carriers.

Currently, our alliance is in the third place of the IATA ranking in Germany.


Terrestrial transportation

From partial cargo to complete cargo trucks in consolidated international services, and an extended distribution network throughout Europe.



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